Venture Capital And Its Future

Venture capital is part of a special industry that is following a contracting, descending current.  In other words, according to official data and statistics, it would seem we are all witnessing a drop in the number of venture capital companies, as well as the capital that is managed by these institutions. What exactly triggers this decline and how can the situation be explained?


The Lack Of Active Speculative Markets


The problem finds its source in the year 2000 when the decrease in venture capital returns started. Throughout this year, the numbers corresponding to these returns were severely affected by the large number of firms who threw bad performances. These numbers went over the ones recorded by the NASDAQ indexes. Ever since, the venture capital returns continued this trend because of the narrowed access to the active speculative market that was originally open and welcoming for a large number of public participants. The large IPOs were highly visible during the upcoming time and the recovery only occurred on a moderate level. Starting with the year 2001, the market for IPOs ran at rates below the levels before 2001. The industry relying on venture capital revolved around a large bull market which reached its highest peak in terms of speculations during 2000-2001. Nevertheless, the drop is less likely to stop future venture capitalists, just like a drop in the results of a sports betting affiliate part of your own LadbrokesPartners program would not influence your own commissions.  However, the trend shows the industry itself is going to go through an important change; it will be spread in two, with one part belonging to a smaller number of important venture capital companies, and a large number of investors willing to invest smaller amounts of money. Large firms will be forced to teach themselves how to make investments while avoiding the regular venture capital start-up steps.  

venture capital Venture Capital And Its Future

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Surprising Market Trends

The market changes regularly and some trends tend to knock the feathers off many people involved in various activities on it. Business models evolve and change themselves according to the current and future, approximated needs of the public and the advent of the technology are some of the most influential aspects that need to be taken into account at the moment. Below you will find a few of the changing patterns that define future market trends.


Business Model Changes

Specialists foresee business models will go through important changes such as an increase in the disruption of these models. In other words, due to the important developments in the field of technology and other strategic company changes, revolutionary products could soon see the light of day. Amazon is already creating a great deal of fuss around its drone deliveries; but how about special devices endowed with GSP systems and accelerometers which could be connected to your furry pets? Creating fully customized diets and letting owners know when their pet is about to get sick could all be part of the madness. Speaking of madness, if you feel you lost your sense of security ever since your front door lock broke, check out some expert locksmith tips or get in touch with some expert locksmiths using the huge locksmiths-search professionals.

The trends also speak about an increase in the marketing costs, but insourcing may be the solution adopted by many. Lowering the costs will continue to be a desiderate of all market trends throughout the years to come, undoubtedly. But the use of smaller teams of better trained people are likely to come. Also, there is the need to strengthen the bonds between companies around the world through better globalization means. The large degree of digitalization in terms of content creation and distribution is making everyone throw the focus on pursuing content marketing. The trend however will eventually impose large sacrifices for these companies, and the return to some of the classic tolls is also possible.  

Marketing Trends Surprising Market Trends

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Old Dogs And New Tricks In Business

Has the internet managed to change the way customers think, act ad react to old products and services? Can the web train them to change their mentalities and have different demands? According to specialists, it seems that the internet has not truly changed customers’ desire, but it has changed the means they use to get it. Special emphasis is thrown on traditional stores that have built their own online venues – and which are largely preferred by most customers.

What Do Today’s Customers Want?

First of all, they are looking for a place where all of their needs and demands can be properly met. This means they are more aware than ever to pick the best place where they can find everything they are searching for. Secondly, they also need to try out the products they are interested in before taking them home. Even if this means they need to try out a t-shirt, see a fridge, touch a curtain, or smell a new perfume they are dying to have. When it comes to actually buying, customers will also feel the need to complete their purchases following their own terms, rules and conditions.


The better and more efficient a customer service is, the more satisfied the customers will be. Check out the type of customer services the online casino you are using is hosting if you like to play casino for real money from home and you need permanent guidance.

 If they discover a product does not fit them for one reason or the other, they also expect to be allowed to return it hassle-free. The same goes for being allowed to receive credit while enjoying a high degree of convenience. When customers are not satisfied with the services they are receiving online or offline inside the shops they visit on the web, chances are they won’t give a second chance to the respective brand.     


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@Cambridge Cafe June 19, 2012: The market is currently like a strapless bra…


image 13297668956891329766896 @Cambridge Cafe June 19, 2012: The market is currently like a strapless bra...

Good morning,

Congrats to our friends at Extorre Gold Mines on the big announcement yesterday; we’ve appreciated having you at our shows. Extorre Enters Into Agreement For Sale To Yamana.

Geologist Quinton Hennigh has joined Brent Cook’s Exploration Insights’ team. Read Q’s latest thoughts in the Gold Report here.

More junior miners are in the international news this week. Lumina Copper Invites BHP Deal With Argentine Discount

Tomorrow’s a big day for the markets with the Federal Reserve’s rate setting meeting. Will the Fed Cave to Market Pressure?

Interviews from WRIC 2012 have surpassed 50,000 plays in the two weeks since the show. Watch Cambridge House Live.

Our friends at Orefront have assembled over 2300 high quality photos from WRIC 2012. Check them out here.

Lol. “The market is currently like a strapless bra; half of us are wondering what is holding it up and the other half are waiting for it to drop so they can grab the opportunity with both hands.” Via Steadyhand Funds.

Awesome! Tour the Libraries, Studies, and Writing Rooms of 15 Famous Men. AOM

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  1. Toronto – Sept. 27-28, 2012
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Contact to reserve your booth today.

Thanks and best,

The Cambridge House Team

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Cambridge House Live – WRIC 2012 Edition

This past Monday concluded the 2012 World Resource Investment Conference in Vancouver. The event was a big success given recent market turmoil. Turnout was strong (over 5000 investors) and high quality. As Keir Reynolds pointed out in his Mammoth Letter blog, difficult markets have only cut the wheat from the chaff, leaving the best of the best still standing – at their booths in this case – communicating advancements of commodities projects globally.

We were proud to bring back Cambridge House Live from the show floor, where producer/host Jonathan Roth interviewed many of the conference headliners, including Ross Beaty, Peter Schiff, Doug Casey, Frank Holmes, Rick Rule, David Morgan, Keith Schaefer, John Kaiser, Brent Cook and more. Those interviews are available on Youtube, and we suggest you watch all of them.

Here are a few to get you started:

Watch: Cambridge House Live

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Saturday June 2, 2012

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Friday June 1, 2012

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Thursday May 31, 2012

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A decade of rising commodity prices followed by two decades of declines? More >>

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Wednesday May 30, 2012

Uranium long-term price finally rises. More >>

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Apple Gears Up for New Products. More >>

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