What A Locksmith Company Taught Tommy Humphrey

I can imagine such a topic of discussion might bewilder you. After all, you are all used to me as an entrepreneur, working with venture capitals and investors struggling to create the best visibility for their brand; and I have worked with names like the Cambridge House, RBC Wealth Management or Mogo – so you know I am not kidding around. But I like to always remain open to new opportunities, and I never say no to an idea until I’ve check it out for real. So when I got a call from a locksmith company – completely by mistake – asking me to confirm the fact that their team could come to my office to change my locks the next day at 9 a.m., I have to admit I was surprised to see just how professional they sounded. Though the confusion was soon settled – the person who actually needed their Brooklyn team gave the wrong contact number via their online form – I started asking some questions. And I was again surprised by the things I found out.


Opportunities Come Out Of Nowhere

You just need to be there ready to grab them. I was eager to learn how the idea f a locksmith company that call sits own clients, offers a toll free contact number, along with online forms and customer support services could pull it off. So I checked up their site 247locksmithservice.com/areas/brooklyn-ny and learned that they are a fast and reliable locksmith company with a lot of experience in the field.


They only work with fully trained, bonded and insured experts and they provide a wide array of services: car, home, or office locksmith issues ranging from car replacement, lock rekey, panic bars, keypad locks, lock fixing, lock extraction, enhanced security solutions, and even 27/7 emergency services. They have nationwide coverage and they work closely with their clients – everything is transparent, time-efficient, and well-planned. Their secret? All I got to learn was that they spent a lot of time scanning their prospects and they came up with a way of always catering to their needs. Maybe that’s a business development angle most of us fail to see clearly when starting up – taking the time to really get to know our future clients.

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How To Decide Whom To Put Your Trust Into?

You turn your TV on and you hear about the way people’s trust levels are on the down low when it comes to presidents, the police, and other official institutions. Declining trust is no news to anyone nowadays and today’s society seems to be suffering from the “illness” of now knowing whom to out its trust into on a political and economical level. Still, without being able to put our trust into something and someone, we would not be able to accomplish anything in our lifetime. So there must a way to determine whom to put our trust into. Well, not exactly.


Can You Use Certainty?


For starters, there is no way of knowing for a fact the persons you will subjectively choose to trust are the right ones. Certainty is pretty much out of discussion here; plus, deciding whom to trust also needs to rely on the trustor as much as it revolves around the trustee. For instance, if a person is recommending you the www.lotterymaster.com site as a good place to get lottery tickets from, you will need to decide just how big of a risk will taking that advice from that person will imply. It is quite impossible to be able to put your trust into something or someone without taking a risk. So there are no actual guarantees to follow when making such a decision; you should also know that trusting someone is not a single-directed process that is solely based on the other person. It also has a lot to do with you and your own desires and plans, expectations or wishes.


How Credible Is The Other Person?


If you can tell for a fact that the person standing in front of you is transparent, speaks the truth, does not lie, and can reply to all of your uncertainties and questions using language you can fully grasp, the person might be credible and reliable enough to truth them.


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3 Incredible Tips To Make Your Visitors Stay Longer

And we are not talking about the unwelcomed guests dropping by unexpectedly, but about your blog’s visitors – the ones responsible for its actual success. Huge traffic is not enough unless you actually get your visitors to stay more than just a few seconds on your pages. The more they stay, the bigger your chances of getting some money out of your blog, and these next few tips will teach you to stop doing what you were doing wrong all this time.

Get Rid Of Useless Links On Your Blog

Pick internal links instead and eliminate all external links form the landing pages. You will need to focus on your bounce rate – decrease it and boost the rankings. The bounce rate is the percentage of single-page visits in which the visitors has left the site from the landing page. In other words, do not scare off your visitors the second their reach your landing pages with tons of banners and links.

Solution: Provide visitors with engaging links to other posts with reviews and affiliate banners and use special WP plugins to add relevant internal post links to each of your posts.


Use Lots Of Video Content

People are constantly looking for news and posts presented in the form of videos as they are easier to watch 3 Incredible Tips To Make Your Visitors Stay Longer ; also, videos will get your messages get communicated a lot easier. Short videos also work wonders as they can influence readers more than a long article would. You will get people to stay on your site longer because you have bigger chances of them watching the entire video rather than quickly browsing an article for a few seconds and leaving.

Solution: If you are promoting a venue such as an onlinetopcasino, you can create some helpful videos and filmed tutorials on how to register on the site, how to make a first deposit and collect the welcome bonus, how to play a game or how to take advantage of the special offers there with the help of a casino code. If you have got some special casino tricks you would like for your blog’s visitors to know about, make sure you share them with the help of an inspiring video. Create video reviews of places like Roxy Palace, 888 Casino, WinPalace, or Europa Casino to name just a few of the venues you can find on the onlinetopcasino site.


Make Full Use Of Feelings   

People buy from emotions born at an subconscious level and you are more prone to get the desired calls to action with the help of emotions rather than enforcing your logical arguments. Solution: Use emotional elements when communicating your message – write about the benefits or solutions visitors can use to reach their goals hence boosting your chances of gaining a customer as you will be successfully bonding emotionally.

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Tips For Young Portfolio Investors

Young people rarely stop to think about investing for their retirement years; however, people who decide to treat their future seriously are going to have a lot to gain – starting with having sufficient funds to endure their bare necessities when turning old. For this, they need to show proof of being smart and disciplined, and learn a few things about different forms of portfolio investments. By self-educating yourself in the field of portfolio investing or by taking some specialized classes you too should be able to start your career as an investor. Just make sure you don’t procrastinate getting started and to begin as early as you can.

Join A 401 Retirement Plan

Start by talking to your employer and inquiring about the 401(k) retirement plan you could be joining. In case such a plan cannot be provided to you, come up with an Individual Retirement Account and start earmarking a certain percentage of your compensation as a result of a contribution you are going to pay on a monthly basis. Your savings will slowly accumulate and the same will go for your interest, which are going to compound without any taxes, in case you will not withdraw any of the money. Start young before you get married and your smaller personal expenses should make your saving a lot easier. This is also a good time to think about starting out your own business, and because every business needs a good communication system, we recommend you visit our website at addsource.com and check out our services. We can provide you with the sophisticated communication tools your new business needs at some highly convenient prices.     


Use Different Stocks

It is recommended to browse various markets and select different stocks on them; use index funds and make your investments in conservative stocks that can provide you with constant dividends. Opt for stocks that have an excellent growth potential on the long run and stocks that have high returns – but don’t buy a lot of these. Bonds that are rated AAA also make for good investments.

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Check out CEO.CA

 Check out CEO.CAI’m done blogging here so go and check out my new site, CEO.CA.

Please update your RSS feeds, and like our Facebook page.

Thank you!

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@Cambridge Cafe June 19, 2012: The market is currently like a strapless bra…

Source: CambridgeHouse.com

image 13297668956891329766896 @Cambridge Cafe June 19, 2012: The market is currently like a strapless bra...

Good morning,

Congrats to our friends at Extorre Gold Mines on the big announcement yesterday; we’ve appreciated having you at our shows. Extorre Enters Into Agreement For Sale To Yamana.

Geologist Quinton Hennigh has joined Brent Cook’s Exploration Insights’ team. Read Q’s latest thoughts in the Gold Report here.

More junior miners are in the international news this week. Lumina Copper Invites BHP Deal With Argentine Discount

Tomorrow’s a big day for the markets with the Federal Reserve’s rate setting meeting. Will the Fed Cave to Market Pressure?

Interviews from WRIC 2012 have surpassed 50,000 plays in the two weeks since the show. Watch Cambridge House Live.

Our friends at Orefront have assembled over 2300 high quality photos from WRIC 2012. Check them out here.

Lol. “The market is currently like a strapless bra; half of us are wondering what is holding it up and the other half are waiting for it to drop so they can grab the opportunity with both hands.” Via Steadyhand Funds.

Awesome! Tour the Libraries, Studies, and Writing Rooms of 15 Famous Men. AOM

Upcoming Cambridge House conferences:

  1. Toronto – Sept. 27-28, 2012
  2. Silver Summit – Spokane, WA – Oct. 25-26, 2012
  3. Vancouver – Jan 20-21, 2013
  4. Palm Desert – Feb 23-24, 2013

Contact sales@cambridgehouse.com to reserve your booth today.

Thanks and best,

The Cambridge House Team

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Cambridge House Live – WRIC 2012 Edition

This past Monday concluded the 2012 World Resource Investment Conference in Vancouver. The event was a big success given recent market turmoil. Turnout was strong (over 5000 investors) and high quality. As Keir Reynolds pointed out in his Mammoth Letter blog, difficult markets have only cut the wheat from the chaff, leaving the best of the best still standing – at their booths in this case – communicating advancements of commodities projects globally.

We were proud to bring back Cambridge House Live from the show floor, where producer/host Jonathan Roth interviewed many of the conference headliners, including Ross Beaty, Peter Schiff, Doug Casey, Frank Holmes, Rick Rule, David Morgan, Keith Schaefer, John Kaiser, Brent Cook and more. Those interviews are available on Youtube, and we suggest you watch all of them.

Here are a few to get you started:

Watch: Cambridge House Live

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Saturday June 2, 2012

One dead in Toronto Eaton’s Centre shooting, eight victims in total. More >>

Why Thomas Mulcair is a problem for Canadians. More >>

Colin Powell Exclusive: Advice For Entrepreneurs. More >>

How Europe is mining’s emerging market. More >>

Continetti: Combat Journalistm. More >>

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Friday June 1, 2012

How George W. Bush became the quiet man of US politics. More >>

Berlusconi Says ECB Must Print Euros Or Italy May Say ‘Ciao’. More >>

Franco Nevada chairman Pierre Lassondre talks gold on BNN TV. More >>

O’Leary Funds have taken their lumps, like others have. More >>

40 of the most powerful photographs ever taken. More >>

Have you registered for #WRIC12 yet?

CambridgeHouse.com >>

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Thursday May 31, 2012

CH World staticbanner Thursday May 31, 2012Bill Gross: The Global Monetary System Is Reaching Its Breaking Point. More >>

A decade of rising commodity prices followed by two decades of declines? More >>

6 reasons Spain will leave the euro first. More >>

Li Ka-shing prepares a dubious legacy. More >>

Psychology Of Fraud: Why Good People Do Bad Things. More >>

Greg Weldon: Turbulence is Coming. More >>

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