Thursday Edition

Eric Sprott & David Baker: Unintended Consequences (Sprott Inc.)

Brace for debt shock, Bank of Canada warns (Financial Post)

New Brunswick named world’s best place for mining (Financial Post)

Tom Bradley: Longleaf versus Fairfax (Steadyhand)

Mitt Romney: A Tax Reform to Restore America’s Prosperity (WSJ)

Barrick Sees Gold Stocks ‘Inflection Point’ as ETFs Nab Funds: Commodities (Bloomberg)

Frank Holmes: The Enduring Popularity of Gold (USGlobal)

Jack Caldwell: Invest or Divest the Pebble Mine (IThinkMining)

Graphite Conference @ Hotel Vancouver Today (Resource Clips)

Chavez Cancer Surgery Spurs Investors to Buy Venezuela Debt: Caracas Mover (Bloomberg)

Karl Rove: Could the GOP Have a Brokered Convention? (WSJ)

Robert Sinn: Has US Housing Bottomed? (StockSage)

SAC’s Cohen buys small stake in Mets baseball team (Reuters)

Watch Bill Clinton: The American Experience (Amazon)

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