Tuesday Edition

Cambridge Chairman Joe Martin Remembers David Coffin (Cambridge House)

Energy Investing in Saskatchewan: Tom MacNeill (Business Insider)

Base Metals Advance as Finance Ministers Reach Agreement on Greek Bailout (Bloomberg)

Felix Salmon: The improbable Greece plan (Reuters)

Tekoa Interviews ASA Gold and Precious Metals Limited Fund President David J. Christensen (BullMarketThinking)

Gold Miners Gearing Up For Trendline Test (AllStarCharts)

JOSH: Hedge Funds are Hilarious (Reformed Broker)

Central Bankers Rub Gold Bugs the Right Way (WSJ)

Ted Dixon: Insiders signal confidence in Canaccord (Globe & Mail)

Mauldin/Galland: Ben Graham’s Curse on Gold (Ritholtz)

Peter Thiel donates millions to Ron Paul super PAC (CNN Money)

Felix Zulauf: Why You Need to Own Physical Gold (Financial Sense)

Caledonia to divest 51 per cent of gold mine to Zimbabweans (Globe & Mail)

Natural Gas Stocks: Beware of Declining Natural Gas Prices (BeatingTheIndex)

Bruce Springsteen: ‘What was done to my country was un-American’ (Guardian)

Ben Bernanke: Washington’s Quiet Hero (Beast)

Oil executive son’s testimony at Prince Rupert Northern Gateway pipeline joint review panel (Observer)

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One Response to Tuesday Edition

  1. Good article. Personally, I have been analyzing natural gas stokcs over the last several weeks and I see a lot of profit potential throughout the next decade or so. Natural gas is trading at 10 year lows right now, but experts say that by 2016 we are going to start to see a huge spike in the price of natural gas in response to higher demand. Ive also been watching smaller companies too such as Alon U.S. Energy Partners, whose stock soared nearly 56% in a 2 week stretch.

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