Wednesday Edition

China: Reform in a Resilient Political System (Stratfor)

Bay Street rolls on despite market storm (Globe & Mail)

Bernanke Tries Talking Down Commodities (Jim Sinclair)

Lawrence Roulston: Quality Gold Juniors Poised to Soar (SWGoldReport)

Jim Rogers: Worry About 2013, Panic About 2014 (Business Insider)

Rick Rule: Fear Driving Demand, Moving Gold & Silver Higher (KingWorldNews)

Zinc Deficit ‘Visible’ as Mines Set to Close, Teck Says (Bloomberg)

Lumber May Extend Rally as China, U.S. Demand Gain, Ekstrom Says (Bloomberg)

Dividend stocks are buoyant, but are they a bubble? (Globe & Mail)

Risk On: Was 2008 Just a Bad Dream? (BusinessWeek)

Cambridge speaker Andrew Schiff is struggling on $350k per year (WSJ)

Canadian billionaire Bodog backer indicted in U.S. (Financial Post)

Blackstone Chief Schwarzman Receives $148.5 Million as 2011 Compensation (Bloomberg)

Who bought Boeing’s ‘jewel of the sky’? (Financial Post)

Tim Geithner and the ‘Privilege’ of Being American (WSJ)

Ron Paul: Party Crasher (New Yorker)

Jamie Dimon keeps his word (WSJ)

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta (Ritholtz)

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