Wednesday Edition

Doug Casey on Africa (CWC)

The World’s Most Successful Resource Explorers (Casey)

Precious Metals Takeovers Push Share Prices: James West (Streetwise)

West African Railways Rebuilt With $25 Billion From Iron-Ore Boom: Freight (Bloomberg)

John Paulson’s Fund Sued Over Sino Forrest (Dealbook)

Bid for Apartment Giant Finds Zell on Familiar Turf (NYT)

Novagold begins process to sell Galore Creek stake (Globe & Mail)

Interview with Yukon Prospecting Legend Shawn Ryan (Resource Stock Digest)

A Battle for Mongolia’s Copper Lode (WSJ)

10 Wednesday Edition

Controversy is catnip to the financial media (Abnormal Returns)

Jeff Carter has 15 tough questions for Obama (PointsandFigures)

Josh Brown: What a Waste (ReformedBroker)

5 Qualities of Great Traders (Ritholtz)

Huge rare pink diamond found in Australia (Yahoo)

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