Monday May 28, 2012

Forgotten facts from titans of the brokerage business. More >>

Mining Maven McLeod-Seltzer Says Share Slump To Spur Merger Boom. More >>

Canada prepares for an Asian future. More >>

In hard-hit cities like Phoenix, the home market rises. More >>

This Sunday and Monday in Vancouver is the FREE World Resource Investment Conference. Register now >>

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May 25, 2012 Roundup

Explosive Mark Steyn: Facebook also a loser in Egypt. More >>

A profile of Hunter Dickinson International (HDI Mining) CEO Ron Thiessen. More >>

Awesome Steve Jobs designed Apple space ship campus. More >>

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May 24, 2012 Roundup

Prospecting pioneer Lowell takes on Paraguay (PDF). More >>

How Tim Cook is Changing Apple. More >>

Agnico Eagle CEO Boyd Calls $3000 Gold (Audio). More >>

Conrad Black on the record. More >>

Booth sales for our June 3-4 conference halt tomorrow. More>>

Register now >>

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Wednesday May 23, 2012 Roundup

Sell gold when money supply growth turns negative and when interest rates turn strongly positive; not now – BMOs Don Coxe. More >>

Argentine policies have Canadian miners rethinking projects. More >>

Miners’ soaring profits to come back to earth as super cycle turns. More >>

Breaking up the cozy Canadian establishment is a good thing: Lessons from the Conrad Black era. More >>

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May 22, 2012 Roundup

Don’t capitulate to ‘New Age Bigotry’, invest in mining-Don Coxe. More >>

A Ravening Justice… Mark Steyn’s harsh words for John Edwards. More >>

Hedge Funder Who Bet $100 Million On The Facebook IPO Just Called And Boy Was He Furious. More >>

In the wake of the Facebook IPO, Frank Holmes asks who has been a more loyal ‘friend’ than gold. More >>

Scotiabank’s iconic Toronto tower sells for record $1.2-billion. More >>

NBA Rookie of the Year Kyrie Irving dresses as old man, and schools everyone. More >>

Don’t miss our Cambridge House Weekly. More >>

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Saturday May 19, 2012

John Hempton: Vancouver is not a bubble. I’ll show you a bubble (Sydney). More>>

The giant killer: Inside CP’s overthrow. More>>

Rupert Murdoch’s NYPost roasts Mark Zuckerberg. More>>

Vancouver’s PH&N among Barron’s Top 50 Hedge Funds. More>>

Eric Sprott’s biweekly call with Eric King. More>>

Ray Dalio’s World. More>>

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Friday May 18, 2012

Good piece against the gold conspiracy by Doug Casey. More >>

A bird’s eye view of the Canadian Oil Sands (50+ photos). More >>

Why history is so important to Don Coxe (37 min audio). More >>

Is FB the next BX? More >>

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Efficient Branding for Successful Businesses

Every business that wishes to thrive well in the market needs a unique recognition or brand so that the consumers can identify it for its specialities. Though building a brand for your business is not difficult, staying successful among the others is a tough task. The brand should be strong enough to create a strong impact on the clients and consumers. In order to do so the business must offer effective solutions and services. So how do you build such a brand? You might be a good businessman, but not an all-rounder all the times. Hiring a professional who can offer you the right strategy and advice to build an efficient brand is the only solution. 


building brand image 1024x586 Efficient Branding for Successful Businesses

Such strategies are not restricted to a single sector or segment. Every business website employs different strategies to promote its business to the peak. In case of online lottery sites, four prominent and most frequently used methods used to promote traffic to any online lottery website are- article marketing, forum marketing, pay per click advertising and displaying advertisement on Internet Marketers Ezines.

Article Marketing is the most eminent way to target millions and billions of people. If you are an expert of your own field and can write on your own and enhance the publicity of your brand, nothing is much better than that. You can write as many articles making it visually more effectively or you can also hire any agency to cater this purpose.

Forum marketing acts as a virus and is an inexpensive mode of branding an online lottery website, wherein after end of each and every post, you can leave one or two liners to endorse your product or services. However, by advertising Internet Marketers Ezines and keeping a track on the performance of all the advertisements whether newsletters or ezines, you can build your brand too. Pay per Click advertising is most easy and commendable way of building your online lottery website brand. You simply have to bid on a fussy keyword and thereby target customers that are explicitly interested in any particular program. Mainly lottery sites are those who can benefit widely using these techniques. Those who wish to check out the latest lottery result have to simply type in "todays lottery results" and you have a number of sites popping up with the results. Hence, in the beginning, merely employ one or two of its strategies and make your brand a success one.

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World Resource Investment Conference Announcement

I had so much fun with Joe and Jay Martin making this World Resource Investment Conference tout video, coming soon to a television set near you. Watch:

Not only is it, as Joe says, “The buying opportunity of a lifetime,” we’ve got Peter Schiff, Doug Casey, Rick Rule, Frank Holmes, Brent Cook, Lawrence Roulston, Josh Brown and many more world class speakers.

Don’t miss this FREE event June 3-4, 2012.

Register here

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Prevent loss, invent wisely


Earning money is just not enough to plan your life wisely. Investing your hard earned money wisely is what the secret of life is. It is true that not all of us are skilled investors or experienced financial professionals with expertise in investment. The best way to know the market is either to hire a financial advisor or check out for solutions and suggestions on websites such as etc. 
There are many other ways to invest money wisely among which playing online games is one. Let us know about online pokies, one of the most preferred casino games online.
What is investment banking1 Prevent loss, invent wiselyA slot machine which is also known as pokies, is a betting machine with three or more spools which spins when a button is pressed. Poker machines are also called as one-armed bandits because they were initially activated by a lever because of their capability to make the gambler bankrupt. Poker machines contains a currency detector that authenticates the coin or money injected. The mechanism pays off built on designs of signs visible on the display of the machine when it halts spinning. Now a days this poker has taken a big leap to the market of virtual world.  The whole world is now a slave of online technology. So the poker is also taking this advantage and entering to the online world. Now poker or pokies is available online. By this great advantage, players can play poker almost anywhere just by accessing internet.

Pros and cons

Online sites may be exposed to different types of scam, specifically agreement between gamblers. However, they have agreement finding capabilities that do not exist in brick and mortar casinos. For instance, online pokies room safety employees can gaze at the history of the cards previously played by any gambler on the website, assembling the model of behavior easier to sense. Free online pokies was introduced primarily during late 1990s in the formula of IRC poker. Planet Poker was the online cardroom to bid real money playoffs. The first real cash poker game was dispensed on January 1, 1998.


The major online pokies games sites offer different functionality to lure new gamblers. One very common functionality is to propose matches called satellites by which the victors get the entry to actual pokies events. It was a complete event on PokerStars that Chris Moneymaker who won his entrance to the 2003 World Series of Poker. He went to gain victory in the main episode, triggering shockwave in the world of poker and start the poker boom. In the year 2004 a World Series contained triple number of gamblers as in the year 2003.   A minimum of four players in the WSOP final table secured their entry by an online card room. As Moneymaker, 2004 winner Greg Raymer who also gained his entrance at the PokerStars online card room.

During October 2004, Sporting bet, in the world’s biggest openly dealt online gambling corporation (SBT.L), proclaimed the attainment of, one of the online pokies business’s head and principal card rooms.


The $340 million USD procurement coined the first time an online card room was possessed by a communal corporation. Since then, numerous other online poker companies have gone and public unrestricted. During the year 2005 month of June, Party Gaming, the parent company of one of the prime online poker, PartyPoker, gone public in the London Stock Exchange, attaining an initial public offering (IPO) market price in superfluous of $8 billion USD.  Moreover, the online pokies has gained the public interest and the eye of almost all the online or virtual users. Therefore lets be a part of the new era of online gaming called ONLINE POKIES. 


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